Presented by Alison Uitti

Jesus gave us a command to heal the sick and through the healing ministry of prayer we can follow His command. Sometimes our experiences might hold us back. Perhaps someone we loved died of a sickness even though we prayed, or it took them a long time to get better. But what if we chose to suspend our trust in our own circumstances and chose, instead, to trust the Word of God and carry on praying for the sick while trusting God with the results?

During the seminar, we will take a close look at the Scripture accounts of Jesus healing people in the Gospel of Luke as well as hear testimonies from people who have been healed. Alison will share many of her own stories of personal healing as well as the Biblical healing principles she has learned from Reverend Mike Endicott. There will be a healing service at the end of the seminar.

“…we can see something steadily and remorselessly rising up, something which glorifies God, something deeply attractive to believers and non-believers alike. It is the kingdom of God, his kingdom whose motive is restoration and healing.”
– Rev. Mike Endicott, Prior of the Order of Jacob’s Well, UK.

Alison Uitti

Alison Uitti is a teacher, songwriter, author, speaker and publisher. Over the years she has been involved in worship, children’s, youth and women’s ministries as well as prayer ministry, especially in the areas of healing and reconciliation.

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