Lord, teach us to pray!

Presented by Boyd Hopkins

Do you desire to see God break through in people’s lives? In your life? This three part seminar focuses on incorporating the Truths of God’s Word through prayer. We often are impacted by the Word in seminars or sermons, but it isn’t enough to just hear it, we need to learn how to apply it in order to see the real healing come.

Part 1

The first part of this three part prayer training seminar is designed to address the simple question of how to help someone deal with an issue through prayer in an effective manner. There will be teaching time and practical application time.

Part 2

The second part of this seminar teaches introductory deliverance prayer. We will look at Jesus’ approach to dealing with demonic powers. Based on what we learn from Jesus, we will teach a safe and systematic way of praying for people who want to be free from demonic powers.

Prerequisites for this course are: “Effective Prayer Ministry Part 1” and/or “Foundations for Dealing with the Demonic“.

Part 3

The third part of this seminar teaches in depth deliverance ministry. You will be introduced to and taught how to use tools that will help a person recognize, confess and renounce sin and strongholds in their life and find their freedom in Christ. You will have the opportunity to experience using these tools as part of the seminar.

Prerequisites for this course are: “Effective Prayer Ministry Part 1 & 2” and “Foundations for Dealing with the Demonic“. This session is by personal invitation only. You can indicate your interest by calling our office at (306) 361-3733 or sending us a message.

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