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  • “The reality of forgiveness became clear…also the difficulty of being able and ready to forgive without receiving forgiveness back.”
  • “Brilliant! I thought I was over some things, but I experienced the gross realization that I wasn’t…I’ll be processing this for a while to come.”
  • “God used this course to show me the lies I have believed for the last 30 years.”
  • “This seminar went beyond my expectations. For the last five years I’ve been in a very painful place. Most of the points touched issues in my life. I will take it away and let God lead me to what He wants to work on with me.”
  • “The Lord is working significantly in me through this very important teaching.”

  • “Relief! Wow! The pressure is OFF (in a bad way) and ON (in a good way).”
  • “I appreciated the teaching on hindrances to the call as well as the guide-lines you gave on how to be empowered to fulfill your calling.”
  • “It was a practical course in recognizing the ways in which the Lord calls and communicates.”
  • “I learned a lot about how to follow Jesus like He wants us to; We don’t have to search for our calling, God will let us know! Don’t doubt His leading, but trust that He will let you know if you are headed in the wrong direction.”
  • “This course confirmed what I had been asking the Lord about.”
  • “The longing in my heart is to bring to life the message of salvation to the elderly. I always wondered why—your message brought focus.”


  • “…Blew my mind, opened my eyes, answered questions that I have ignored.”
  • “I think it would be helpful for a lot of people who want to pray for or with others but are not sure how. It’s simple, accessible, practical – any denomination can use it.”
  • “Very well grounded in the Bible, so it cuts like a sword.”
  • “It is a very necessary tool; there are so many Christians who don’t know how to pray like Jesus taught.”
  • “I didn’t have any expectations…I feel as though I’ve been praying ineffective ‘help me, help me’ prayers and am glad I came to ‘learn’ to pray?”
  • “I love the practical application examples. That makes it so much more than just knowledge.”
  • “I was asked to come at the last minute and it blew me away.”
  • “Although it felt awkward to me to ‘practice,’ I knew this would be useful.”
  • “The idea of praying with – not for people – became very real for me.”


  • “I appreciated how Biblically grounded this course was; Good fundamentals!”
  • “This course took the fear out of dealing with the demonic.”
  • “Boyd has a gift of making difficult material easy to understand.”
  • “I enjoyed the life references; the stories showed how to apply the principles.”


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